Webinar - A Dive Into Blue Carbon and Coastal Resilience at USAID

Webinar - A Dive Into Blue Carbon and Coastal Resilience at USAID
This webinar, held on March 30, 2023 with USAID staff and partners, explored opportunities and challenges for leveraging blue carbon finance.

Download the presentation slides. 

USAID experts Kelvin Gorospe and Lucas Isakowitz provided a framing presentation highlighting established, emerging, and nascent blue carbon systems and identifying links with USAID’s Climate Strategy. Presentations from Madagascar (Ravaka Ranaivoson, WCS and Ramy Razafindralambo, USAID) and Mozambique (Moffat Ngugi) described early work to develop blue carbon finance around seagrass, seaweed aquaculture, and other coastal systems.  Participant dialogue emphasized challenges in partnering, measurement, and establishing legal frameworks to enable funding to flow to the site level.  

The webinar also introduced USAID’s new activity, Carbon, Coastal Resilience, and Conservation Finance (C3F), which aims to help address the challenges to effectively accessing blue carbon finance.  USAID Missions that are interested in learning more about C3F can register their interest at this link or reach out directly to Lucas Isakowitz (lisakowitz@usaid.gov).

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