BiodiversityLinks' stories and videos bring to life insights from USAID's global biodiversity programming. By capturing successes, personal experiences, and trends, these stories provide a more vivid and engaging picture of USAID’s biodiversity conservation work around the world. Stories from practitioners, including spotlights with staff, also capture knowledge that is instrumental in strengthening learning and best practices.

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Staff Spotlights

Meet some of the outstanding USAID specialists working on mission projects around the globe.

Dino Delgado

Dino Delgado thinks of his role at USAID/Peru as a bridge: As the Environmental Governance Team Lead, he builds connections between colleagues, partners, and governments to strengthen efforts to combat nature crimes in the Amazon.

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Toussaint Molenge

While growing up in his home village of Binga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Toussaint Molenge enjoyed exploring the rich rainforests and hunting alongside his father. After witnessing the region’s increasing biodiversity loss, Toussaint decided to devote himself to conserving the region’s biodiversity and protecting its remaining wildlife.

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Tere Robles

Maria Teresa “Tere” Robles has a lifelong connection to the vast richness of Guatemala’s environmental and cultural heritage, having grown up in Guatemala City and frequently visiting the Western Highlands. This connection drives her work as a Project Management Specialist at USAID/Guatemala.

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