Webinar - Sustainable Fisheries in the Context of COVID

Webinar - Sustainable Fisheries in the Context of COVID
On August 26, 2020, this interactive webinar for USAID staff shared global and Agency experiences about COVID’s impacts on wild fisheries.

Published: 2020

Download the presentation slides. 

USAID staff can view an internal recording of the webinar.

COVID is impacting wild fisheries around the globe. There have been and continue to be impacts on (1) seafood demand, supply chains, and fishing activity, (2) fisherfolk livelihoods and health, including women, youth, indigenous peoples, and migrant groups, and (3) fisheries enforcement and policy.

As part of USAID’s Marine Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Community of Practice webinar series, this interactive webinar on August 26, 2020, shared global and USAID experiences about COVID’s impacts on wild fisheries. USAID Malawi and USAID Philippines shared examples of the current impacts on their fisheries and how USAID programs are responding. Participants engaged in small groups to discuss 1) how their USAID programs are currently responding to COVID or opportunities to do so; 2) current or anticipated barriers to responding; and 3) anything that would help their teams respond better to COVID.

This webinar was for USAID staff, but some future webinars, including the Building Forward in Fisheries: Opportunities for Transformation Post-COVID webinar, are available to implementing partners.

In addition to this webinar presentation, the webinar included:

COVID and Wild Fisheries Resources

Gender, Gender-based Violence, and COVID Resources

USAID Philippines Examples

Recordings from the Bluer Normal forum, July 15–22, 2020, hosted on the Kumusta Mangingisda Facebook page:

USAID Malawi Examples

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