Tmatboey Community-Based Ecotourism Project, Cambodia

Tmatboey Community-Based Ecotourism Project, Cambodia

Author(s): Clements, Tom, Ashish, John, Nielsen, Karen, Vicheka, Chea, Ear, Sokha, Piseth, Meas

Publication Date: 2008


Case study of the Tmatboey Ibis Project which aims to conserve the globally threatened large waterbirds found at Tmatboey, Cambodiam using the ibises as ‘flagships’, by establishing a local community-based tourism enterprise that directly links revenue received to long-term species conservation.

Information relevant to Learning Questions:

Are enabling conditions in place to support a sustainable enterprise?

  • Stakeholder alignment, diversification
  • Market demand, profit potential, access to credit/capital
  • Ownership, governance
  • Policies for enterprises, business alliances
  • Financial management capacity, technical capacity
  • Infrastructure
  • Benefit sharing, targeted participants, combined strategic approaches, biodiversity linkage, policies for and enforcement of resource use

Does the enterprise lead to benefits to stakeholders?

  • Increased income for participants
  • Non-cash benefits

Do the benefits lead to positive changes in attitudes and behavior?

  • Not addressed

Does a change in stakeholders’ behaviors lead to a reduction to threats to biodiversity (or restoration)?

  • Residential and commercial development
  • Agriculture and aquaculture
  • Biological resource use

Does a reduction in threats (or restoration) lead to conservation?

  • Forest ecosystems
  • Grassland ecosystems
  • Species

Enterprise Types:

  • Terrestrial ecotourism


Document type:

  • Case-study
  • Report
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