Webinar 1: Wild Meat Learning Series Overview

Webinar 1: Wild Meat Learning Series Overview
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USAID Wild Meat Collaborative Learning Group is hosting a four-part webinar series, the first of which introduces participants to the Wild Meat LG’s theory of change and associated learning questions to create a shared language across participants.

Published: 2023

The Wild Meat LG, in partnership with USAID/CARPE, USFWS, and CIFOR, strives to learn from, expand, and improve our collective wild meat-related programming. The four-part webinar series will culminate in an in-person Learning Exchange in October 2023 in Central Africa. Our objectives are to:

  • Generate, harvest, and share lessons about wild meat programming
  • Strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration and coordination on reducing unsustainable wild meat
  • Increase use of available & forthcoming resources
  • Promote use of data, tools, and training for evidence-based decision-making on wild meat issues
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