FCMC at COP 20 / CMP 10

FCMC at COP 20 / CMP 10
FCMC and partners participated in several events and and around the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC. For more information, please click here.

The Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) program participated in COP20/CMP10 in Lima, Peru. FCMC and our partners organized and contributed to booth exhibits and discussions at the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), the Voices for Climate Forest Pavilion, and the U.S. Centre within the COP20 venue.

FCMC co-sponsored a side event with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat at the GLF on December 6th and sponsored a booth. The side event, "Considering biodiversity in REDD+ planning and implementation: Country experiences and future options," shared national and international experiences in integrating biodiversity into REDD+ planning. REDD+ recipient countries from Africa, Asia and South America presented their cases, alongside findings from several FCMC and related studies. A recording of the event, moderated by FCMC partner Steve Panfil of Conservation International (CI), is available here.

On December 8th, at the Voices for Climate Forest Pavilion, FCMC co-sponsored with the Verified Carbon Standard a panel discussion titled "Jurisdictional REDD+: Developments and lessons from the field." The panel discussion provided an overview of the latest developments in jurisdictional REDD+ design and implementation, including lessons from leading pilot jurisdictions and nested projects.

On December 9th, FCMC sponsored a panel titled "Financing REDD+: Sources and Strategies" The panel – Robert O'Sullivan, Leslie Durschinger, and Claudia Martinez, CEO and Founder of E3 in Colombia – discussed recent FCMC work on REDD+ markets and finance along with low emission development in Huila, Colombia. More information can be found in (here) and in the report "Huila's Climate Change Plan 2050: Preparing for Climate Change."

The FCMC MRV Manual, Version 2 was released at both the Global Landscapes Forum and the Forests Pavilion. This updated version addresses feedback on the first version, and includes a new Overview that summarizes the overall process and provides a checklist of steps towards a national MRV system for countries and donors.

FCMC partnered with USGS's SilvaCarbon program and the Peruvian Ministry of Environment (MINAM) on a session in the US Government Center, titled "Peru's Balancing Act: A Holistic Approach to Building the Capacity for REDD+." This included a series of presentations on the holistic approach Peru is taking towards REDD+ and how the US-Peru partnerships on these activities contribute to REDD+. FCMC has been conducting two activities with Peruvian national and regional governments, including on capacity building in national and regional governments on MRV and forest monitoring, and supporting work on REDD+ safeguards in the San Martin region and linking this to national level work on safeguards in Peru.

For more information regarding FCMC's activities related to the UNFCCC and COP 20, please contact Stephen Kelleher at stephen.kelleher(at)fcmcglobal.org.

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