FCMC Conducts Training on SES Safeguards in Lima, Peru

FCMC Conducts Training on SES Safeguards in Lima, Peru
The Forest Carbon Markets and Communities (FCMC) program held a regional workshop on “Implementing REDD+ Social and Environmental Safeguards in the Andean Amazon,” November 17-19, 2014, in Lima, Peru.

The main objective of the workshop was to provide regional actors from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia with the opportunity to improve their knowledge on social and environmental safeguards for REDD+ and their application in the Andean Amazon. Goals of the workshop included:

  • Exchange experiences and lessons learned on the implementation of REDD+ environmental (and social) safeguards in the Andean Amazon.
  • Share information on rules, regulations and legislation applicable to REDD+ environmental (and social) safeguards in the Andean Amazon.
  • Analyze inputs for implementing environmental (and social) safeguards in the Andean Amazon, based on lessons learned in various REDD+ initiatives.

This collaboration between FCMC and USAID/Peru, Peru’s Ministry of Environment (Ministerio del Ambiente, MINAM) and the Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA) brought together 31 representatives from government, academia and civil society, including the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon River Basin (Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica, COICA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and the Confederation of Amazon Nationalities of Peru (Confederación de Nacionalidades Amazónicas del Perú, CONAP) to learn and exchange experiences and recommendations on this important topic.

The workshop was opened by the Regional Amazon Environment Specialist at USAID/Peru, Beatriz Torres, with an overview of USAID’s portfolio addressing climate change though REDD+ in Peru. Opening remarks were also given by Gustavo Suárez de Freitas, Executive Coordinator, National Forest Conservation for Climate Change Mitigation Program, Ministry of the Environment, Peru.

Group exercises as well as presentations from experts on REDD+ social and environmental safeguards were used throughout the workshop to promote the exchange of experiences and lessons learned among the different countries on this topic. The workshop underlined the challenges of implementing environmental safeguards in the Andean Amazon, and laid out recommendations and future steps.

The workshop ended with a “guided museum” where one member of each participating institutions had the opportunity to share methodological guides, promotional materials, lessons learned and accomplishments to date in this topic. 

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