Nurturing Community-Led Conservation in Colombia


USAID recognizes the bond between the well-being of Colombia's natural environment and the prosperity of its people and actively empowers marginalized communities to participate in conservation endeavors.

One example comes from USAID/Colombia’s Natural Wealth activity: While Colombia’s rich and diverse natural landscapes are for everyone, they are not always accessible to persons with disabilities. By creatively leveraging a tenet of bird watching, the power of listening, a nature reserve—and a beloved recreational activity—becomes more inclusive for those with visual impairments.

With the support of Natural Wealth, sound designer and accessibility consultant Juan Pablo Culasso and local conservation organization Asociación Río Cali established the first birdwatching trail for people with visual disabilities in South America in 2020. The trail is located in a natural private reserve close to the southwestern city of Cali. 

Learn more in the visual story "Following the Birdsong - Inclusive birding for the visually impaired in Colombia."

Delve into USAID/Colombia's initiatives, like this one, that nurture community-led conservation, intergenerational knowledge exchange, equity, and communal identity through this compilation of visual narratives: