Staff Spotlights

Staff Spotlight: Dino Delgado

Dino Delgado thinks of his role at USAID/Peru as a bridge: As the Environmental Governance Team Lead, he builds connections between colleagues, partners, and governments to strengthen efforts to combat nature crimes in the Amazon.

Staff Spotlight: Toussaint Molenge

While growing up in his home village of Binga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Toussaint Molenge enjoyed exploring the rich rainforests and hunting alongside his father.

Staff Spotlight: Tere Robles

Maria Teresa “Tere” Robles has a lifelong connection to the vast richness of Guatemala’s environmental and cultural heritage, having grown up in Guatemala City and frequently visiting the Western Highlands.

Staff Spotlight: Patricia Benthien

As a Program Management Specialist at USAID/Brazil, Patricia manages activities related to forestry, biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, sustainable value chains, and Indigenous Peoples.

Staff Spotlight: Sothira Seng

Sothira Seng works to ensure the sustainable management of biologically significant landscapes in Cambodia.

Staff Spotlight: Madalitso Kaferawanthu

As a Natural Resources Management Specialist for USAID/Malawi, Madalitso “Mada” Kaferawanthu works to protect the forests and conserve the unique wildlife and natural resources for the benefit of the people.

Staff Spotlight: Hugo Arnal

Just as generations of his family had done before, Hugo Arnal grew up walking and riding horses through the national parks of pre-revolutionary Venezuela, where he developed a deep respect for the beauty and value of the natural world.

Staff Spotlight: Celly Catharina

As one of her first USAID assignments, Celly Catharina, a USAID/Indonesia Senior Marine Program Specialist, mapped the marine resources of her hometown.

Staff Spotlight: Jassiel M'soka

Jassiel M’soka, a native Zambian, has been integral in the development of HEARTH activities in Zambia’s Kafue and Luangwa ecosystems.

Staff Spotlight: Netra Sharma

As a young boy playing in the forests and rivers near his small remote village in Western Nepal, Netra Sharma developed a strong connection to nature.

Staff Spotlight: Jestina Kimbesa

Meet Jestina Kimbesa, manager of two USAID biodiversity activities in Tanzania.

Staff Spotlight: Monica Romo

Meet Monica Romo, who supports indigenous rights, forestry, conservation enterprises, and more in Peru.

Staff Spotlight: Rebecca Guieb

November 14, 2018, marked the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) first annual Foreign Service National Recognition Day.

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