Transformative Partnerships for People and the Planet: HEARTH StoryMap

The well-being of people and the planet are inextricably linked—and they require both the public and private sectors to advance conservation and economic prosperity simultaneously.

Recognizing this, USAID’s Health, Ecosystems, and Agriculture for Resilient, Thriving Societies (HEARTH) initiative invests across development sectors in biodiverse landscapes around the world to achieve benefits not just for people, but for all species and ecosystems. 

Learn about the 17 HEARTH activities currently operating in 12 countries through the HEARTH StoryMap:

Through USAID’s Global Development Alliance program, HEARTH helps the Agency and the private sector work together to apply their respective assets and expertise for sustained development impact. While each HEARTH partnership is different, all use innovative approaches and engage the private sector to improve conservation outcomes and benefit local people. Improved access to markets, education, and healthcare can reduce pressure on nature, while better-functioning ecosystems advance human health, food security, prosperity, and other development outcomes. Through cross-sectoral approaches and collaboration with business interests, HEARTH partnerships bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to intractable development challenges.

Seventeen HEARTH activities have been awarded as of March 2023, using $75 million in public dollars to leverage more than $90 million of private sector funds, with far-reaching benefits. HEARTH activities are currently operating in 12 countries: Angola, Bangladesh, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Peru, and Zambia.

In this StoryMap, learn more about the USAID HEARTH initiative’s transformative partnerships for people and the planet.