Virtual Spaces Strengthen Ties For Brazil's Indigenous Women

USAID’s Strengthening the Capacity of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon worked with the Union of Indigenous Women of the Brazilian Amazon to improve online access so its members could connect with each other in virtual spaces to collectively address solutions to local problems.
When COVID-19 hit Brazil, the Union of Indigenous Women from the Brazilian Amazon (UMIAB) knew it was time to address a challenge that had been impacting the organization for years—connecting Indigenous women advocates from Brazil’s nine states virtually. In 2020, USAID through the Strengthening the Capacity of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon (SCIOA) activity supported UMIAB to install internet in villages across Brazil so its members could finally connect to each other by video. Now, UMIAB’s leaders understand how to use key technology tools and platforms to continue the organization’s important advocacy for Indigenous women across the country.


In the following Story and videos, three of UMIAB’s leaders explain the impact this technology has had on their work.