Empowering Women and Girls, Conserving Nature

Empowering Women and Girls, Conserving Nature
This film highlights USAID and the Gorongosa Project's work to empower women and girls who live in the communities around Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park.

The film is a first in a series created under a USAID-Gorongosa media collaboration entitled "ParkSpark", a knowledge management campaign to generate and share knowledge about the value of protected areas to development. 

The goal of ParkSpark is to inspire USAID Operating Units, peer donors, partner governments, and implementing partners who work in all sectors to increase investment and cross-sectoral development efforts, anchored by national parks and protected areas across the globe. 

The ParkSpark films and products are meant to make experience and evidence more accessible to partners and programs, and inspire key stakeholders to replicate strategic approaches behind Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park’s conservation and development success. 

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