Threat Rating Worksheet

Threat Rating Worksheet
When designing biodiversity and integrated biodiversity conservation programs, threat identification and ranking is an essential step to help program design teams decide on what threats to address (and why), and assists on determining what strategic approaches to invest in. Per the USAID Biodiversity Code, all USAID programming using biodiversity conservation earmarked funds are required to complete an analysis of threats to inform their program’s theory of change.

The threat ranking process is included in USAID’s Biodiversity How-To Guide 1: Developing Situation Models and further detailed in Biodiversity Programming Supplemental Guide 2: Rating Direct Threats.

This Worksheet for helps design teams rate direct threats to biodiversity. It supports teams with discussion and documentation of threats and determination of ratings for each threat-biodiversity focal interest pair. The worksheet then automatically calculates ratings for each threat-biodiversity focal interest pair, as well as summary ratings for each threat and biodiversity focal interest using industry-tested threat-rating algorithms.

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